There are a myriad number of ways to learn and train in NLP. You are in charge of your own mind and your decision to choose how and with whom you will learn is a personal one. Groupon and some on line training providers make offers that seem too good to be true and if someone is offering to train you for a fee at 75% off the normal rate, well you generally get what you pay for!

When I embarked on my journey I researched a number of providers, looked at their provenance, the style of courses and whether they fitted in with my preferred learning style/s. This is something I would strongly advise you to do. Price was not the most important issue for me at that time although nearly all of those providers I considered were at a similar price point.

The training varied from weekend courses over a period of months, residential courses over ten days and those with a blended approach, ( including research, reading, listening to cd’s, examination on knowledge culminating in a residential course subject to practice and assessment). You will know what format will suit you and if you’re unsure speak to the providers. Those people with a genuine passion for helping others grow will be more than willing to talk through with you their offering. I found genuine and excellent practitioners who gave their advice freely and I still speak with them from time to time and receive advice even though I chose my training with someone else.

The NLP journey was and still is for me a voyage of discovery both on a very personal level and with those around me. I trained using the blended approach which is offered here and which is supported by The American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP). It is one if if not the largest and oldest bodies that certifies NLP. The provenance goes back via Dr. Tad James to the originators of NLP and is a good place to start.

If you want to learn about how NLP will enhance your skills of communication, ensuring you create rapport with those around you and achieve your goals then choose a provider who wants the same for you. Purple Parrots adheres to the traditions of NLP that require 120hrs of learning including practicing the techniques in small groups where you are encouraged and coached to develop the skills that will bring you the success you deserve. Nothing worth having was ever achieved easily.

By training with Purple Parrots NLP Practitioner Course May 2016 you will be supported and developed using proven methods of pre-course work an in course training to ensure you are successful and confident to use NLP in  positive ways. Research the numerous providers, speak with them, listen to them and get feel for the courses and then see where you want to train. We wish you well on your journey, it is exciting, it is challenging and the rewards and self fulfilment are just around the corner.

By visiting this site and taking time to read this you have already begun your journey.

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