NLP – In Business

At Purple Parrots we provide NLP Training and bespoke programmes to ensure an organisation and its key personnel are provided with the skills that make a difference. Our programmes are designed to deliver a creative and engaging approach to maximize learning potential in the field of NLP. We recognise that businesses can be highly competitive and change is the one constant. It is our aim to provide all of our business clients an edge to compete and provide them with the skills and support to enable them to prosper. There are many factors that can make a business and the people within it successful, including having: –

  • Excellent communication at all levels;
  • Aligned values;
  • Positive Thinking;
  • Effective management, leadership and coaching skills;

The Benefits & Applications of NLP:

NLP provides a whole host of techniques that can facilitate growth, change and development in any business. We can unleash the human potential to help employees enjoy and excel in what they do. Just picture a united and high performing team, supported by inspirational leaders and managers that can really coach. Purple Parrots can provide you and your team with the skills, techniques and knowledge required to get you there. By creating new positive behaviours that facilitate greater co-operation and effective team dynamics you will see your business positively develop. You will have a greater understanding of how the mind works, identify with the individuals (your staff and clients) model of the world, knowing how this looks, sounds and feels to them. By providing you with the opportunity to make a powerful connection at the unconscious level, you’ll instinctively know how to motivate, delegate, coach and lead each member of your team to succeed.

Wouldn’t it be great to communicate more clearly a key presupposition of NLP is –  “The meaning of the communication is in the response you get” so get your message across without any confusion. By training in key NLP areas you will: –

  • Understand the deeper unconscious structures of the mind. Aim for transformation and positive change to propel your business forward and become recognised for the high level customer service, sales and support you provide.
  • Learn the skills of highly effective coaches and understand, explore and analyse how people describe their subjective experience through their language and behaviour so that you can guide, direct and support them.
  • Eliminate stressful conditions; know how to create positive states by accessing unconscious/conscious resources, in any situation, at anytime.
  • Model excellence through replicating successful methods with intention.

By gaining this comprehensive toolkit you will have access to a broader spectrum of options and gain flexibility to improve problem solving, project managing, recruitment, delegating, coaching and inspirational leadership.

Speak to us so that we can see what you want and get a feel and understanding of your needs to enable us to provide you with a solution.