Well I’ve just read “SWITCH ON, How to think differently with NLP” by the writer Natalie Debrabandere, It’s not her first foray into writing but it is her first NLP book. It is unequivocally a good read, I read in on the day it was delivered by Amazon (yesterday).

It is an honest and soul baring piece of work where Natalie shows all the vulnerability and pain many have had in their lives. However, she is clearly not one to drown in a world of self pity and in this book she shows us her journey and how with NLP she has discovered the resources within to achieve her goals. Her ability to demonstrate the positive impact of coaching and NLP to provide her with a means to manage herself and others is made without ever being condescending or patronising.

I found the book to be well written in a manner that makes NLP accessible especially to those that may be new to this way of thinking. It is motivational and honest and will undoubtedly be the first of many books from Natalie in this arena.

Well worth a read and to have on the bookshelf of your mind as a reminder that we all have choices and that we can all achieve our desires. All possibilities are before us if we are willing to accept ourselves and our resources and are willing to think differently!

Andy, 5th October 2015