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NLP – Coaching & Personal Development

NLP and Coaching have become the perfect tools when it comes to personal development. These two approaches offer a whole range of solution focused skills and techniques to help people make positive change in their lives, giving them the means to take action and work towards life time goals.

At Purple Parrots all of our associates are NLP Practitioners and / or NLP Coaches; our purpose is to help people to help themselves within the shortest possible timeframe and cement lasting change.

An NLP Coach investigates where a client is now and ultimately works with where that person wants to be. Similar to sports coaching, it is about inspiring a team or an individual to achieve peak performance, an NLP coach will help a client find theĀ internal resources, passion and motivation to achieve their goals. At Purple ParrotsĀ we will help you identify your needs, wants, short and long term goals. You will be empowered to recognise the strategies and approaches that will determine the action you need to take. We will help you let go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs to breakthrough barriers whilst measuring the progress through tasking and results.


Speak with us about your goals, we will help you achieve them!