The purple is green, the parrot is purple, colours mean something! ….and have you ever noticed how when someone sees a parrot they talk to them and want them to talk back; there’s a thought, there’s a thought!”

Parrots are brilliant at modelling others and that is the essence of development; by modelling excellence we can ensure you make the difference that makes the difference.

Purple Parrots Training is about working with you the client to ensure you achieve your outcomes. This may be at an individual, team or organisational level. It is reassuring for you to know that we are a Training and Consulting Company with your success at our heart.

We utilise traditional training, coaching and mentoring methods complimented through effective use of NLP, personality and behavioural analysis, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy™ and innovative Communication and Leadership training to enhance performance.

Personal Coaching: – If you are looking for personal development you could train with us and understand how NLP can assist you. Alternatively by listening to you and getting a feel for your needs we will provide an individually tailored solution to ensure you get the future you see for yourself. This will involve coaching, mentoring, removing any limiting beliefs and will totally involve you. Your commitment will be matched by ours. You will be tasked, supported and mentored throughout the process and you must commit to the process to effect the changes you wish for. NLP is a do with not a do to process!

Well Being & Change: All of the techniques available in NLP are there for you to work with your NLP Practitioner to resolve a variety issues that you have decided to resolve. The techniques work on several fronts and can assist in dealing with Phobias, Weight Loss, Confidence Issues, Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt and other emotional or behavioural issues that may be holding you back. Working with an expert in NLP will allow you to have more confidence, be focussed on what you want and give you the life you desire. Nothing worth having was ever gotten easy and working with an expert will only work if you are prepared to put in as much effort as your expert. You will be tasked and assisted to stay on a positive path but you must commit to the process of giving yourself the life you desire.

Business: – By clearly understanding your needs our guarantee is to provide creative and innovative solutions. This will enhance the capability of you and your team/s to excel in your ability to deliver excellence to your customers/clients as well as providing your staff with the skills to develop in their personal lives. You will notice enhanced communication throughout your organisation, improved time management skills and a focus on your core values. This is achievable through attending our NLP training courses or through a bespoke solution/s targeting the areas you feel you and your team wish to enhance. 

Working with a highly skilled team of experienced trainers, coaches and associates; you will find we are able to listen to your concerns and needs whilst seeing the bigger picture and getting a positive feel for a solution to ensure you achieve all of your desired outcomes.

Contact us for an initial consultation and release and realise your potential!