Retirement, Redundancy & Re-Invention



Retirement, Redundancy and Re-Invention

Retirement and redundancy have many things in common whether they are forced on the individual or are a personal choice borne out of age, ill health, and the need for finance or a desire for change.

Often they occur to individuals who have given years of service to an organisation. Work is a place where friendships are created. It is being part of a team; a department, an organisation and can give an individual a sense of belonging. Coupled with this sense of belonging are feelings of self worth, that you are contributing, you are valued (hopefully) and it is something to get up for!

So some questions to ask yourself if you are about to retire or are going to be made redundant are: –

“Is my glass half full OR half empty?”

– “Is it the end of something or a new beginning?”

– “Do I want to be constrained by someone else or do I want the freedom to achieve my personal desires?”

– “Who am I and what do I want?”

 In NLP we talk about the Cause and Effect equation, which side are you on? If you could control your ‘state’ to respond to different and new situations in the way YOU want to then you would be at cause. If you respond to all of those events around you and you are affected by them and feel you are not in control, then you are at effect. The place to be for a successful life is at cause.

We all need skills and attitudes to help us deal with the challenges and complexities of the world we inhabit. In relative terms we are here but for a short time and I know you would want to make sure that that time was as good as it could be for you and those around you.

If you knew how to discover the essence of your excellence, you would, wouldn’t you?

– Are you retired? and if so from what? Life, Happiness, Fulfilment?

– Are you redundant? From what? Who says so? What does the word mean to YOU?

There is no denying that being made redundant or retiring can have a serious impact on a person’s life. They lose the comfort of secure employment. They lose the financial certainty of a monthly pay cheque. They lose the regular contact with people who are often good friends. All this, as they try to come to terms with how the thing that defined who they were and dominated their life will no longer exist.

It is not surprising that feelings of emptiness and despair can soon set in. Even those with a naturally positive outlook can find their confidence eroding as they come to terms with the facts. The possibility of free time that one dreamed of when weighed down with work can now seem like a life sentence.

It’s time for re-invention; to be the YOU, you have always wanted to be! By working with a certified NLP coach this is achievable for you more quickly than you might have thought.

What is NLP and what support can it offer to those facing early retirement OR redundancy?

Neuro-linguistic programming is a powerful tool connecting three elements:

  • N: Neurology – relating to the brain and nervous system;
  • L: Linguistics – the use and effect of language we use; and
  • P: Programming – the behaviours used in achieving the intended goals.

It is a multifaceted concept used by the majority of business, life and health coaches. It aims to improve communication, change behaviours and includes therapeutic interventions.

It is the coaching and therapeutic interventions that will have the most impact for a person facing the prospect of redundancy, retirement or who wants to re-invent themselves.

Using the tools of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis offers people the opportunity for real and permanent change. What is different about the NLP approach is that the NLP practitioner has the tools to help create new patterns of thinking within the client’s unconscious mind.

At the heart of NLP is an understanding of the impact of language, both verbal and non-verbal. There is no clearer example of how a word can have destructive ramifications than when a person is labelled redundant. Redundant means superfluous, not needed, outmoded. The same can be said of retirement. Retired means discharged, pensioned off, no longer working, withdrawn.

It is the job that is redundant, not the person! The role of the NLP practitioner is to work with the client to ensure they can shake off the negative label and the negative emotions associated with being made redundant.

By using the NLP techniques (above) with the client the practitioner will be able to work with the client to resolve their issues. The techniques work on several fronts and can assist in dealing with Confidence Issues, the key negative emotions of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt and other emotional or behavioural issues that may be presenting themselves.

After these negative emotions are resolved the coaching aspect of NLP will future pace the client to have achievable goals and provide a template to work towards them.

Purple Parrots can work with you to create the future you have always visualised and felt you deserve. By using a variety of techniques and focussed on NLP you will make the changes necessary to allow you to create a positive future for yourself.

Whether you are retiring, being made redundant or want to positively change your life, working with a NLP practitioner can help you be the you, you want to be!

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